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Creative work of any kind requires a certain amount of fearlessness--the willingness to step out, both physically and emotionally, to explore new paths, and to take chances. FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHER: TRAVEL is the perfect guide to have along as you test new limits, develop your photographic skills, and stretch yourself creatively in the art of travel photography. This comprehensive guide for the travel photographer focuses, of course, on techniques for getting great shots, but it also covers everything you'll need to know about travel photography, including: selecting destinations and fitting into new cultures ,choosing the best equipment to travel with, finding and shooting subjects that go beyond the cliche, staying organized, and storing your photos for later sharing. Author Marc Pagani has traveled in and photographed some of the most exciting locations in the world. He writes from a wealth of experience, and his enthusiasm is infectious. With Marc as your guide, you'll be inspired to seek out new experiences, take chances, and create unique, compelling images. FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHER: TRAVEL is the ultimate resource for the adventurous, fearless travel photographer. Go for it. There's nothing to be afraid of.

marc pagani is an award-winning new orleans-based adventure travel, portrait, live music, and lifestyle photographer and author

Fearless Photographer: Travel